Best Road Bike Helmets Reviews - Top 10 Picks of 2021
May 19, 2024

Best Road Bike Helmets Reviews – Top 10 Picks of 2021

Any cycling enthusiast can tell you just how refreshing this particular sport is. Its health benefits are obvious and visible. It is a fun activity, whether you are riding alone, as a club or racing at a sportive.

Even so, cycling can prove to be quite disastrous causing grave injuries in the unfortunate event of an accident. For this matter, it is essential that every rider owns and wears protective gear when getting on the saddle; even for that turn around the neighborhood.

The helmet is the most important protective gear a bike owner should have on. If you don’t have a helmet yet and you are thinking of acquiring one, this review of the top ten best road bike helmets should help you choose the best helmet that suits your riding.

1. Ali Huang(TM) Bicycle Helmet

This is a half shell recreational cycling helmet. Its 21 mega cool vents make it a less aerodynamic type, but it makes up for this with its lightweight stylish design. It comes in black and red. The helmet weighs 0.28kg so it doesn’t drag you when you want to achieve top speed.

It scores high in terms of protection. Body and shell are constructed of a quality durable strong material that can resist a considerable amount of force. It comes with inner padding for comfort, and chin pad has a cushion for extra comfort.

It comes with a visor for extra protection and riding comfort. It offers excellent retention and its straps make it completely adjustable. Two sizes are available, large and small. Both sizes are considerably light in weight.

Special Features Are

  • Protective robust EPS body and PC shell
  • 21 cool vents for aeration
  • Large 58-61cm and Small 55-58cm
  • Safety mesh
  • Quick release buckles for easy fasten and removing
  • Adjustable to achieve comfortable fit
  • Visor (detachable) protects from elements
  • Padded for comfort

2. Schwinn Adult Thrasher Helmet

This 20 vent road bike helmet has a unique LED integrated for safety. Other safety features include a vivid clear snap-on visor for clarity and protection from the elements. The shell and body are made of the solid durable material that is hard to crash. Inner side if padded for comfort.

The helmet features a lightweight design with tapeless technology. Fitting feels proper thanks to its dial-in adjustment technology. Its strap adjusters can be used to fine tune adjustment so that it does not fit too tight or too loose.

Aerodynamics is average and the price is a medium range. It features a unique stylish design that covers up for its shortcomings in such areas as aerodynamics. The integration of LED rear light is an innovative design.

Special Features Are

  • Snap on visor offers wide view field and protects fro elements
  • Dial-fit adjusts and strap adjusters for proper fit
  • Comfortable heat sealed padding
  • Lightweight design for enhanced performance
  • Integrated LED safety light at the rear
  • 20 cool air vent provide optimal airflow

3. Bell Fraction Multi-Sport Helmet

The Bell helmet is designed for skating as well as cycling. It is a comfortably designed helmet that is ideally designed for younger riders. It comes in small and extra small sizes; small is 20inches-22inches-56inches and extra small is 9inches-21inches-53inches. Both sizes come in extra light weight for a great riding experience and the helmet will drag you behind.

The helmet is aerodynamically designed for improved performance. It has 12 vents for cooling head and allowing for airflow to aerate. It features security detail like a hard plastic ABS shell that is hard to crack and break. The helmet is able to absorb small shock pressure to protect you during minor accidents.

It is the performance oriented helmet with a stylish design. It fits well and comfortably. You are sure that your young ones will always remember to carry their helmet whenever they go out to ride.

Special Features Are

  • ABS hard shell for protection
  • EPS foam liner for comfort and protection
  • Multifunctional Bike and skate helmet
  • Comfortable padding design
  • Small and extra small sizes to achieve a light weight
  • Aerodynamic comfort design that enhances performance at top speeds

4. Giros Savant Road Bike Helmet

Giros Savant helmets always score best in comfort. This helmet is performance designed and is of unmatched value. Its stylish design is seamlessly combined with performance and comfort features to produce a single functional unit with unmatched value.

Its in-mold construction offers a strong cover for protecting the rider from damage in the event of an accident. The sell is made of robust polycarbonate material with EPS liner for extra protection. It features a Roc loc 5 fit and stability system for greater comfort, protection, and enhanced performance.

Its lightweight design does not drag you, but its ventilation is not aerodynamic so it may hold you down a bit. It features 25 vents with wind tunnel ventilation for greater airflow and cooling effect. The good thing is that it won’t weigh you down so you can ride for long without feeling fatigued.

Special Features Are

  • Sturdy in-mold construction offers protective cover
  • Polycarbonate shell is durable and long lasting
  • EPS liner for comfortable feel
  • 25 vents and wind tunnel ventilation
  • Great fit helmet
  • Roc loc 5 fit system
  • Stylish design with unmatched value

5. Raskullz Shark Jaws Helmet

Finally, need a helmet for your junior. Raskullz Shark Jaws helmet is shark-inspired and really intrigues the kids. This has the positive effect of assuring you that they will always have their helmets on whenever they go to ride their bikes or skate. It features a shark design with an ocean blue background. It is a cool themed helmet for the kids and it features a 3D scaly fin protruding up the top of the helmet and a shark nose with scary teeth on the front end.

Aerodynamic are lacking, but it comes with enough air vents for aeration. The whole helmet is lightweight so it will not weigh down on your youngster when they want to test their speed limits on the road.

Safety and protection are at the top with comfortable firm padding lining the inside and the outer shell is constructed of a robust quality material.

Special Features Are

  • Shark themed helmet for kids
  • 3D shark fin and protruding shark nose with menacing teeth
  • Light weight for enhanced performance and is great for top speed riding
  • Robust shell and comfortable inner padding

6. Giro Revel Helmet

The Giro Revel helmet for men offers top class protection and high-level comfort and cool aerodynamics; all this at a great value. Its detachable visor offers protection against the elements and glare to ensure that you ride comfortably.

In-mold technology holds the helmet together for a tough outer shell. This micro shell is impacted absorbent to protect from minor accidents. It also features an expanded polystyrene liner.

Generally, the helmet is designed to be cool, light but strong. It is also easy to use and comfortable to wear. Acu-dial fit allows for a secure fit and it’s comfortable too. Adjusting is quick and easy.

Its 22 vents work to provide aeration but fail when it comes to aerodynamics. The airspaces drag the speeding rider. Even so, its lightweight design covers up for this shortcoming.

Special Features Are

  • In-mold constructed solid outer micro shell for firm protection
  • Light-weight design enhances performance
  • Poor aerodynamics but great aeration; 22 vents
  • Acu-dial fit for secure comfortable fit
  • Easy to adjust fit
  • Reflective rear decal provides additional safety in the dark
  • Snap on visor protects from the elements

7. Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet

The Razor V-17 Youth helmet is a multi-sport helmet designed for the sportive youths. It features some really amazing safety for skating, cycling and gliding on a scooter.

The outer shell is rock hard and is shock absorbent to protect from minor injuries and damage.

The helmet fits most youth head sizes; mainly 21.5 to 23 inches. They are a great choice for youths between 8 year and 14 years of age. Compliance with the CPSC standards says how much their safety is catered for.

Fitting is well, and it feels comfortable. The helmet can be easily adjusted for an even more comfortable fit. The ergonomic inner paddings are designed for utmost comfort and they also offer protection to the rider.

Special Features Are

  • Cutting-edge safety features
  • Solid hard outer shell protects the cyclist
  • Ergonomic design youth helmet
  • Comfortable inner padding
  • 17 vents for aeration
  • Side release buckle for quick adjusts and easy fastening
  • Sleek black glossy color makes it a cool helmet for youths
  • Designed for youths
  • Muti-sport helmet is versatile
  • Compliance with CPSC standards

8. Giro Air Attack Shield Helmet

Inspired by its original earlier model, this stylish helmet is a high-performance unit suitable for all types of riding. This new version provides a much lighter, more compact and extremely enhanced aerodynamic design. It literary slices through the air.

It features a magnetically attached eye shield that offers a wraparound eye protection. This attachment style is easy to place and remove during warm-up and pre-race drills.

Featured is an improved air system; Roc Loc design that enhances airflow, streamline, and aerodynamics and improves performance. The helmet fits well and it features a removable X-static comfort padding. It is a featherweight webbing helmet yet has a solid hard polycarbonate shell with EPS liner.

Special Features Are

  • Lightweight, compact, aerodynamics design helmet
  • Wraparound optical shield attached magnetically
  • In-mold polycarbonate solid hard shell with EPS liner offers optimal protection
  • Featherweight helmet enhances performance; can achieve high speeds
  • Enhanced aerodynamics
  • Removable comfort inner paddings allow for easy clean
  • Wind tunnels for ventilation
  • Easy fit, comfortable fit

9. A Point Super Light Integrally Bicycle Helmet With Luminous

This helmet has a luminous effect for visibility. It is an adult cycling helmet with a quality design. It is top in rider protection with a hard solid shell. It also comes with a built-in the visor for protection from the elements and increased shade during riding.

It fits well in most adult head sizes and adjusting is quick and easy. It has a comfortable inner padding for a cozy feel when on. It also serves as a shock absorber for protecting the rider from head damage or injury when involved in an accident. Its dual fit adjustable design makes it a comfortable helmet to put on.

It features a well-detailed air flow system for aeration; at the expense of aerodynamic properties. Even so, this is a super lightweight adult helmet, and it featherweight should cover up for the lack of aero-dynamism.

Special Features Are

  • Adult bike helmet
  • Dual fit adjustable design for greater comfort
  • Poor aerodynamics but proper ventilation
  • Built in visor to shield from elements and improve vision
  • Super lightweight design enhances performance

10. Krash Vector Victor Helmet

Modeled 3D design of the Krash Vector Victor helmet totally rocks the kid’s world. It comes with a lot of attitudes to attract attention from all over. It is a graffiti inspired bike helmet that features a Mohawk 3D spike with a black tip.

Even as the style seems predominant, this helmet is shock-absorbent and the EPS inner shell ca protect from head damage and injury. It is a safety first yet cool helmet and is ASTM and CPSC certified. Aerodynamics allows for optimal performance when riding at high speeds and cooling vents let you stay aerated and freshened up.

The helmet fits well and strapping on is quick and easy. The inner paddings feel comfortable as you wear. It’s graffitied dark color shades with a glossy finish make it a cool helmet that the kids will appreciate.

Special Features Are

  • CPSC & ASTM approved
  • EPS inner shell for comfort
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Graffiti inspired helmet design makes it cool
  • Features a Molded 3D Mohawk spikes to add its cool rock
  • Nylon straps for easy adjustment.

What to consider before buying

There are many road bike helmets available in the market. Knowing what to look for or which one is the best helmet that suits your riding is difficult, especially if you don’t know anything about helmets. Hopefully, you have learned a thing or two about road bike helmets from the above review. Here are some things you should consider before buying:


Look to see if the helmet has any certification or approvals that prove compliance with standard safety regulations. The approval means the helmet has passed the test that looks at construct, visor and field of vision, retention system, shock absorbing properties and fastening devices.


If a helmet does not fit you well, and comfortably, then you need to get another one. Helmets come in different shapes and sizes. You should be able to find one that fits your head size comfortably.

Retention system

Here, you look at the adjustment features of the helmet. The helmet should be able to adjust easily, and quickly to fit comfortably.


Here, we look at the padding design and rate them based on how comfortable your head feels or fits.


The lighter the helmet the better your performance when riding at super speeds. And it won’t wear you down. Heavier helmets have the advantage of being more robust hence improving on protection.

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