SE Royal Bike Review in 2021- 16 Speed Road Bike
June 13, 2024

SE Royal Bike Review- 16 Speed Road Bike

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Are you a cycling enthusiast and are looking for a quality entry level road bike? The SE Bikes Royal Bike is a great choice. It offers great value at an excellent price. Its features fuse seamlessly with a practical design to produce a high-performance road bike. It comes in a really simple design without losing its quality.

It’s a perfect for commuting, fitness riding, training, and road racing. Overall, it offers the best cycling experience.

Features of the SE Royal Bike

Let’s have a look on the features which you desired on this entry level road bike. Probably you will not be disappointed after reading SE royal bike review up to the end.

Lightweight Design

This is perhaps the lightest entry level road bike you will come across. The frame is aluminum to make it light.It’s equipped with carbon fiber road forks for exceptional sturdiness. The use of light yet stiff frame material makes it an agile bike for commuting and racing.

Steadfast Shimano Drivetrain

You get high-performance 16-speed Shimano drivetrain components for smooth riding.The front and rear derailleurs are Shimano SORA components. These are great for an entry level road bikes. They are not complicated.

And, they are affordable. The Shimano 2300 shifters make toggling between different speed levels a breeze.

Powerful Alloy Calipers Side-Pull Breaks

A side-pull brake design offers greater braking power; compared to other designs. It works on a simple mechanism; compared to the centre-pull design. The alloy calipers are dependable for their ability to quickly expel dust on the contact area for a firm grip.

Because they dissipate heat quicker, they achieve a superior halting grip.

Brand-Name 700-25c Wheels

When inflated to the right pressure, the tires of this bike hold up just fine. The wheelsets are 700-25c tires and solid rims with a steady spoke support. The Road 30 tip tires offer the smoothest ride whether you are riding on the road or off-road.They are high-quality tires.

SE Bikes Big Flyer Seat

A comfortable road style seat gets you in a good cycling position. This is crucial for achieving an unforgettable riding experience.

Certainly, you are able to attain the top speed in a reasonably comfortable seat.


  • Lightweight aluminum frame with carbon fiber forks
  • Minimal, sleek design
  • High perfromance700c wheelset
  • Sturdy alloy rims
  • Dependable brakes with alloy calipers
  • Shimano Sora drivetrain
  • Relaxed road style drops handlebar
  • Comfortable seat
  • Platform paddles
  • Easy to put together


  • Centering side-pull brakes usually prove technical to center

Frequently Asked Question’s

Q. Are the shifters integrated into the brake levers?

A. Yes, shifters and brake levers are integrated for convenience and ease of access.

Q. How much does the bike weigh?

A. The whole shipment weighs 32 lbs. Overall, you get a very light road bike.

Final Verdict

The SE Bikes Royal 16-speed Road Bicycle was designed for the beginner. It’s simple yet practical design guarantees an exciting ride experience. Comfort and safety are at the top of the bike’s design. It’s sturdy and reliable both on the road and off-road. It’s a multipurpose road bike, perfect for long rides, fitness cycling, club riding, and commuting.

Overall, it’s a powerful, high performance and comfortable road bike. You get a high-value bike at an exceptionally affordable price.

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