Pure City Cycles Dutch Style Step Thru City Cruiser Bicycle Review
July 18, 2024

Pure City Cycles Dutch Style Step Thru City Cruiser Bicycle Review

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Developed and designed with the city riders in mind, the Pure City Cycles Dutch Style Step-Thru City Cruiser Bicycle makes urban city commuting, leisure riding, and cycling for exercising easy and fun.

This is a city life bicycle that will live, thrive and ride wherever you are. It is a durable step-through bike built with the superior quality hi-tensile steel frame for an incredible ride through the city streets. Featuring reliable drivetrain components, you can choose between 1speed, 3-speed or 8-speed drivetrain with Shimano nexus shifters for fast and agile commuting every morning to work.

Safety is at the top of its engineering ingenuity with front and rear fast-halt alloy calipers brakes offering a reliable braking system, fenders protect you from mud when racing through that pool of water and the chain comes with guard protector to prevent oil from tarnishing that expensive jeans.

Features of the Pure City Cycles Dutch Style Step-Thru City Cruiser Bicycle

This City Cruiser comes feature-packed to offer the best riding experience when riding through the city. It comes with stylish yet functional features like rear and front fenders, bell, and a rear rack to ensure that you are ready for the city commuter life.

It is built ready to ride and comes with an amazing drivetrain and braking features. Here are some of its most prominent features.

Durable steel Frame

When buying a city cruiser bicycle such as the Pure City Cycles, you need to be sure that the bike is designed to be stable and can actually handle the rigors or everyday commuting, tough rides in exercises and can handle the many errands that come with leisure riding. You can trust that this bike can comfortably carry whatever load in shopping/utilities whenever it is put to task.

The bike combines the stylish yet practical features of a Dutch step-thru bicycle with a strong hi-tensile steel frame. This infallible frame works well with the strong rear rack to make this bike the perfect utility city cruiser. It’s sturdy fork works well with the easy control, comfortable grip handle bar to make navigation easy and enjoyable.

Impressive drivetrain features

When speed is all that matters, this city cruiser gives you the 8-speeds with Shimano nexus twist shifters for the best top speed in less crowded city streets. So if you relish speed and the town actually gives room for it, speed right through with this 8speed.

The leisure rider is covered by the 3speed Shimano drivetrain with Shimano nexus twist shifters for easy toggling between speeds. It lets you handle all your errands at a speed that you are comfortable with and one that will actually get you there quick. And you enjoy the ride too.

This city cruiser also lets you choose the 1-speed gear option that offers greater performance while actually keeping you fit. This speed option is not only great for the fitness rider but also the commuter who want to calm the mind waiting a long day of work ahead.

Reliable alloy calipers brake

When speed is all that counts, you need a bike that can actually be up to the task. Even so, you need to ensure that your brake system is dependable. The Pure City Cycle City Cruiser lets you comfortably and fearlessly speeds right through town knowing that you have superior brake systems ready when you need to come to that abrupt halt. Its alloy calipers front and rear brakes offer maximum safety and peace of mind when riding through the city. Also featured are a 3-piece crankset and a chain guard protector to keep grease and oil away from that pretty dress when riding to work.

Sturdy Rims and high-performance tires

This city life bike is designed with high-performance tires that are fit to handle anything the city can throw at you. Ride comfortably through slippery roads, right through that pool of water, or through the street that is plagued with debris that other riders dread.

The bike also features 30mm double walled deep-dish alloy rims with strong stainless steel spokes. These offers the much-needed stability that help protects both the bike and the rider from shock when going over bumps. Rims and spokes exude a shine that gives the bicycle a glitz that makes every head turn whenever you ride through the crowds.

Functional features

This city life bike comes with a number of stylish yet practical features that help you in your various functions with the bike. On the handlebar is a stylish silver bell that rings loud to ensure passage through crowds. Leather grips offer a comfortable grip and make handing the bike easily and eliminate fatigue during long rides with the cycling club. This actually helps eliminate handlebar palsy. Leather saddle makes every ride the most enjoyable and you always anticipate getting back to the saddle.

The bike also comes with a kickstand for easy packing, and matching fender for when you cannot avoid that pool of dirty water.


  • Retro appeal
  • Lightweight frame for easy rides through the city roads
  • Sturdy fork
  • Strong steel rims
  • High-performance brake
  • Comfortable grip leather grips
  • High-performance Kenda tires
  • Admirable 1-speed, 3-speed or 8-speed Shimano nexus shifters drivetrain
  • Includes rear and front fenders
  • Heavy load carrying capacity Rear rack


  • Brakes are not the best in the market.

Frequently Asked Question’s

Q. Does the bike have shiny tires of the regular size tires?

A. The bike features medium size Kenda tires designed for hybrid/comfort bicycles such as the pure city cycles Dutch Style city cruiser. Generally, road bikes have 23c or 25c tires, mountain bikes 42c or 47c, but this retro style hybrid has 35c tires. Which is an intermediate that is good for leisure riding?

Q. How much does the bike weight?

A. With all accessories installed, the bike weighs about 35lbs.

Final Verdict

No bike can cruise the city roads as smooth and comfortable as this City Cruiser. It is a hybrid bike that comes feature-packed to suit different purposes. It suits different cyclist; from leisure riders, fitness cyclists, and the commuters.

The retro style makes the bike stylish and its modern design high-quality features combined with top performance features make the bike a perfect choice for the urban and city dweller. You can never go wrong with this city cruiser if all you need is a bike to ride to work in or run errands around town.

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