Projekt Fixie Stealth Fixed Gear City Bike Review of 2021
July 17, 2024

Projekt Fixie Stealth Fixed Gear City Bike Review

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Looking for a truly comfortable bike that is not only appealing but also functional and easy riding? You are a busy person and don’t want a high maintenance bike like the multiple speed bikes! And you want one on the budget too…the Projekt Fixie – Stealth Fixed Gear City Bike is perfect for you.

It’s a multi-purpose bike that’s good for recreational use as well as commuting. It features an amazing design that seamlessly combines a stylish outer look with quality features to produce a truly functional bike. Not only does the Projekt look aggressive, but also it’s ride matches how it looks. It’s quite a sturdy bike that will certainly last for the long haul. It offers an amazingly smooth ride. Gears are smooth and tires are large enough to handle the rough.  The stock seat is well cushioned to make it comfortable even on patchy roads.

The bike looks better in real than it does on the profile pictures. It’s truly an amazing bike; for the price.

Features of the Projekt Fixie – Stealth Fixed Gear City Bike

The Projekt Fixie is a great bike for the commuter and the fitness enthusiast. Even so, you will find it to be a good bike if you simply want a bike to ride for fun. It’s loved for its amazing features. More than that, you get it at a really low price – without compromising on quality, durability or performance. Have a peek at some of its outstanding features.

Light yet sturdy frame

The Project Fixie is loved for its classic, streamlined design. It’s a bike designed for the urban warriors. Starting with an appealing outer appearance and the simplicity of an urban geometry, light weight frame; with straight forks, this is the ultimate Fixie road bike.

The frame is lightweight yet sturdy to offer an aggressive ride. Forks are made of solid, durable high tensile steel for stability when riding on the roughs.

Handlebar offers a smooth comfortable ride with multiple hand rest positions for flat ground or uphill riding. The pursuit style handlebar is firmly held on the Neco threadless headset with handlebar tape to offer a great riding experience.

By eliminating all cables and wires – except for the front t brakes- the bike remains minimal and sleek.

Classic road style saddle

For a comfortable riding experience, the bike comes with a classic road style saddle. This saddle is fixed firmly on the frame to make it hold up pretty well even on the rough roads. Adjusting seat height is quick and easy – and you get the ultimate seating position for a comfortable ride.

The stock seat eliminates frills to keep the weight down. It’s well cushioned to protect you when riding on bumpy terrain. You will appreciate its sleek, responsive design that eliminates fatigue when going for the long rides. It’s a classic stylish saddle that gets the job done.

Reliable radius brakes

The Projekt’s braking experience is simply incredible. You will love how the bike comes to an immediate halt when need be. When there is no need for an emergency brake, the bike comes to a nice and steady stop. It’s really amazing.

Front brakes are radius brakes. They stop when asked and release instantly when disengaged. Its calipers are totally reliable, and you can be sure they will last long over their useful span. The braking system is controlled from the handlebar using the radius lever. The lever is nicely designed for the job and will deliver when put to task. Overall, this braking system is functional and reliable.

Special projekt quando hubs

Project Quando Hubs for this bike make it an agile ride. The hub is specially made for this bike to make it the ultimate fixed gear bike for the urban rider.

Reliable drivetrain features quickly get you where you want to go. The drive train features quando hubs (free cogs, 16T and F 100-millimeter, R120 fixed) specially made for the bike, ultra-strong forged alloy 44T sealed bearing crankset, pin riveted classic BMX pedals, Grips, KCM chain and sealed cartridge bottom brackets.

High-performance wheelset

For a smooth, agile ride this bike comes with strong and durable rims with tough tires and high-performance tubes. This wheelset promises to glide over any terrain as if in the air.

It features Deep-V, double wall 700x28c strong rims with high-performance spokes to hold up in difficult terrains. Brand name Kenda Kwest 28c tires and tubes are smooth riding and give complete control. 60mm Presta valves guarantee pressure retention overall temperature conditions. Overall, the tires are large to offer great road contact for an agile ride through the city.


  • Classic streamlined design
  • An appealing outer appearance
  • Urban geometry, light weight frame
  • Comfortable ride with multiple hands rests positions
  • Stock seat eliminates frills to keep the weight down
  • Classic stylish saddle that gets the job done
  • Front brakes are radius brakes
  • Braking system is functional and reliable
  • Project Quando Hubs for this bike make it an agile ride
  • 60mm Presta valves guarantee pressure retention overall temperature conditions


  • Riding uphill is no easy task

Frequently Asked Question

Q. What is the suggested PSI for this bicycle; does it blow out at 100 PSI?

A. I have been riding the Projekt Fixie for over three months now and have not encountered any blowouts. I fill my tires to about 90-95 psi with no issues.

Q. Is this a single speed as well?

A. This bike only offers one riding mode, as a Fixie. You cannot toggle between fixed gear and single speed.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a bike that’s truly comfortable and functional – minus the numerous parts to make it a high maintenances bike- a Fixie is what you need. The Project Fixie comes highly recommend for many things, but it’s amazingly low price tops it all. You get great value and premium features for the price. It is a simple fixed gear bike designed for the performance.

You will love that it comes feature packed to make it a functional bike. It’s a great choice for commuters, fitness enthusiasts, and for pleasure riders.

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