Giordano Libero 1.6 Road Bike - Giordano 700c Large Road Bike
April 12, 2024

Giordano Libero 1.6 Road Bike Review in 2021

giordano libero 1.6 road bike

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Whether you are a cycling enthusiast or not, you must be aware of the vast range of health benefits for cycling. Cycling is a fun activity to have as a hobby and the whole experience is comforting. To have the best cycling experience, you need the right bike, one that meets all your cycling needs.

The Giordano Libero 1.6 road bike -700c is the perfect choice for this. It is great for road racing as well as for commuting to work or cycling for fun. It features a stylish, lightweight design that seamlessly combines with superior features to produce a functional, high-performance road bike. Its rugged wheel set enhances performance and improves the riding experience.

What’s more…

It complements the lightweight design to improve speed and absorb shock when riding through rough roadways.

Covered by Giordano Libero 1.6 Road Bike Review

Giordano 700c road bike Shimano STI 16-speed drivetrain components that improve speed, you are sure to have the best cycling experience.

Sturdy, Lightweight Aluminum Frame

The Giordano Libero 1.6 road bike features a lightweight 6061 aluminum frame. This gives it the desirable lightweight characteristics yet still makes it sturdy and durable.

Front forks are made of high tensile steel to provide that added strength and stability. This incredible design also serves to make the bike more flexible and to quickly absorb shock from rough roadways.
It is the perfect choice for cycling competitions as well as for taking turns around the neighborhood. What’s more, it is amazingly comfortable.

Shimano Drive Train

The Giordano Libero road bike features an incredible 16-speed Shimano STI drivetrain that works to improve speed performance. The Shimano drivetrain components like front and rear derailleurs and shifters let you quickly and easily toggle between different speed settings, perfect for road racing.
The bike rides well on steep roads as well as on flat street roads.

If you have to commute through any of such road gradient conditions, you can be sure to get there faster with the Giordano Libero road bike.

Alloy Side Pull Brakes

Giordano Libero 14-Speed road bike Shimano Tourney STI Drive Train. Its lightweight design, rugged 700c wheelset on alloy rims with 32 high profile spokes makes it perfect for different terrain conditions. Finding a bike that stops fast is as important as finding one that speeds swiftly.

The Giordano Libero road bike features superior performance side pulls brake system on both rear and front wheels. Made of alloy, you can trust the braking system to be fail-safe and of superior performance.

Alloy dissipates heat quicker, reduces fluid boiling, and quickly expels dust on the contact area to achieve a firm and uniform grip. Also, the side pulls brake design offers reliable braking power. However, you will have to ensure that it is well centered.

High-Performance Giordano 700c Large Road Bike Wheels

For any road bike, it is the wheelset that determines the speed and handles performance, as well as the rider’s cycling experience. The Giordano bicycles is a 16-speed road bike that features lightweight alloy Vitesse 700c rims with 700c tires. The rims come with 32 high profile spokes for improved stability through potholes and rough roadways.

Rugged wheelset complements the lightweight, sturdy alloy rims to produce speed and enhance shock absorption. Also, the 700c x 25c tires have superior print threads that provide a perfect grip giving you the best riding experience.


  • Lightweight yet sturdy handcrafted 6061 frame
  • High tensile steel fork for better stability
  • High-performance rugged wheelset
  • Superior braking power alloy side pull brakes
  • Quick-release feature for front and rear wheel allows easy assembly
  • Comfort grip alloy handlebar and stem


  • Side pull braking system is usually considered not the best option as compared to center pull brakes and other types of brakes

Frequently Asked Question’s

Questions: Does the Giordano come with a built-in kickstand?

Answer: No. Just like my road bikes today, the Giordano Libero does not come with a kickstand. It seems with bike parking racks available nearly everywhere you go, there is no need for kickstands anymore. However, one can be acquired cheaply and fixed on the rear fork.

Question: I am 6’2, with 34-inch legs. What size bike will I need?

Answer: The large Giordano bike is perfect for you. Large version fits riders 6’2 – 6’5 and 33-35-inch legs.

Final verdict

Are you looking for a lightweight yet sturdy road bike for your professional races or just to commute faster to your workplace?

The Giordano road bike is the perfect choice for you. With its impressive Shimano STI 16-speed drivetrain components that improve speed, you are sure to have the best cycling experience.
Its lightweight design, rugged 700c wheelset on alloy rims with 32 high profile spokes makes it perfect for different terrain conditions.

The front fork is stable, handlebar easy to grip and the whole design aerodynamic for easy cycling. What’s more, its low price point makes it just the perfect road bike choice.

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